Volcano Package

TOTOCO Eco-lodge is nestled high on the slopes of the dormant Maderas volcano which offers adventurous travelers the chance to experience 7 distinct eco-systems including a magical lagoon in the volcano crater. Concepcíon is Maderas's active big-brother on the other side of the island and stands 200mts taller with rugged rock-covered slopes and sulfurous gases emanating from it's impressive crater. Using the best local guides we can design a custom package specifically suited to your preferences. A typical 3 day package might look something like this;

3-day Package


  • 10:45am – Arrive on Ometepe. Taxi takes you to TOTOCO Eco-lodge where you are welcomed with a refreshing juice before checking-in to your private lodge.
  • 12:00pm – Lunch at TOTOCO. Our chefs optimize the use of local and organic produce and all meals are made from scratch.
  • 13:00pm – TOTOCO Tour. This light 2 hour walk over the TOTOCO property will help you get acquainted with your local surroundings and give you full insight into the guiding principles of sustainability that TOTOCO embraces.
  • 19:00pm – Dinner at TOTOCO


  • 07:00am – Breakfast at TOTOCO.
  • 08:00am – Hike Maderas Volcano (6 to 8 hours). Your guide meets you at reception from where the hike begins. You will traverse the mountain by climbing up the northern slope and descending down the western slope after having climbed into the crater to visit the magical lagoon. We provide a packed lunch.
  • 19:30 – Dinner at TOTOCO


  • 06:45am – Breakfast at TOTOCO.
  • 07:30am – Hike Concepcion Volcano. The trail-head is a 30mins drive away from where it's an 8 to 10 hour hike up a steep trail that feels almost like a staircase. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a clear day the views you will get are breathtaking while the final 100mt of the climb is an intense scramble over volcanic gravel in what are usually gale force conditions before arriving to the craters edge where the heat and fumes emanating from deep within the earth are palpable. We provide a packed lunch.
  • 19:30 – Dinner at Totoco


  • 09:00am – Breakfast at TOTOCO. After 2 intense days you have earned a couple of extra hours of sleep!
  • 11:00am – Check-out. Taxi transfer to Moyogalpa where you depart on the 12:30pm ferry.