TOTOCO Eco-Lodge is a small-scale eco-tourism venture with a desire to contribute actively to the sustainable development of the local community and environment. While the Eco-lodge focuses on providing high quality accommodation and guest service, the TOTOCO Foundation and TOTOCO Farm develop projects that support our neighbours in the surrounding communities in working towards a more sustainable future.

As well as providing exclusive accommodation and creative cuisine, TOTOCO promotes the sustainable development of tourism on Ometepe by involving itself in community based projects that focus on the environment, culture, health, education, and the local economy. We believe that responsible and sustainable tourism is only possible when businesses take into consideration not only commercial ambitions, but also the local environment and the local people.

As such, TOTOCO Eco-lodge hosts and supports two non-profit organizations:

  1. THE FARM - dedicated to sustainable land-management through the promotion and application of the principles of permaculture.
  2. THE FOUNDATION - dedicated to the empowerment of local people who are motivated to realize community based projects.